Jun 25, 2018

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How to make your Mac a WiFi hotspot and share your net

How to connect the Lovebox to a WiFi Hotspot? – Lovebox Here is how to connect your Lovebox through your phone's hotspot: (1) Enable the 'Hotspot' function of your smartphone (2) Unplug your Lovebox, remove its lid, and plug it back with the lid still opened (3) With a computer or ANOTHER phone, connect to your Lovebox' WiFi (4) A pop-up should open on the other phone. If you are doing this with a computer: with a Mac, the pop-up should open. How To Prevent Your Mac From Overusing Mobile Hotspot with TripMode 2 is a Mac app that acts as a gatekeeper — only allowing apps you choose to use internet off a mobile hotspot. For instance, you can only grant access to a web browser and a chat client, and everything else will behave as if the Mac isn’t connected to the internet.

Transform the Mac OS X into a WiFi hotspot - STEALTH SETTINGS

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