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How to turn off location tracking on your iPhone or iPad The iPhone offers a high degree of control over which apps get to see your location. You can even turn off tracking entirely.

The Free Way to Turn off Find My iPhone without Password Part 2: Turn off “Find My iPhone” without iPhone from Alright, the first step toward turning off “find my iPhone” without using your iPhone device is to use your computer for the task. From the computer, we are going to log into and perform the … 4 Ways to Undisable an iPad With/Without iTunes Now, click on “Find My iPhone” icon from your iCloud page and you will be taken to another page to select the device that you want to track or find. Simply select your iPad from the page. Step 3: Erase the device. Once your device has been displayed, you will see options to … My iPad Is Disabled & Says "Connect To iTunes"! Here's Why This is the deepest type of iPad restore and it will erase and reload every line of code on your iPad. Check out our step-by-step guide to learn how to put your iPad in DFU mode! Erase Your iPad Using iCloud. You can erase your disabled iPad using iCloud if it was signed into iCloud and Find My iPad was turned on before it became disabled.