NoScript. In days gone by, Javascript was the bane of the Internet, along with flashing GIF’s. Blocking Javascript used to make sense from both a safety standpoint (most browser vulnerabilities came through Javascript), and a usability perspective (Javascript was initially only used for silly effects and annoying tricks and popups).

Adblock Plus, the most popular ad blocker on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android and iOS. Block pop-ups and annoying ads on websites like Facebook and YouTube. AdBlock is one of the most popular ad blockers worldwide with more than 60 million users on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge as well as Android. Use AdBlock to block all ads and pop ups. Ad-Blocker is the best ad blocker for your web browser. It can block tracking scripts, banners, annoying pop-up ads and much more. NoScript, a plug-in utility, can limit the ability of remote programs to run potentially damaging programs on your PC", (Jan 7, 2007, John Markoff, Tips for Protecting the Home Computer). PC World's Ten Steps Security features using NoScript as step #6. NoScript was the 2011 (first edition) winner of the Dragon Research Group's "Security Innovation Grant". This award is given to the most innovative project in the area of information security, as judged by an independent committee. Controversies Conflict with Adblock Plus Nov 15, 2012 · A "How To" on installing and using ad-blocking extensions/features in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The powerful NoScript extension for Firefox is also discussed. Jun 30, 2020 · AdBlock Plus (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Android, iOS) The package includes a modified version of Firefox with privacy aids such as NoScript baked in, and an automatic setup aid

Noscript and Adblock While no tool can protect you completely against all threats to your online privacy and security, the Firefox extensions described in this chapter can significantly reduce your exposure to the most common ones, and increase your chances of remaining anonymous.

Where NoScript went "evil" and drew this storm of criticism was with a recent update where NoScript would effectively modify Adblock Plus if the latter were installed, where new rules (a "subscription", to use the product term) were added to ABP that also whitelisted the NoScript site, ensuring ads would show there.

May 07, 2018 · AdBlock is the most popular ad blocker for Google Chrome and Safari. Now finally available for Firefox! Special features: All ads blocked by default. Block video ads on YouTube. Customize your filter lists. See how many ads you've blocked. White-list your favorite sites in a snap.

May 05, 2009 · AdBlock rocks. NoScript's approach is throw-the-baby-with-the-bathwater. Use whatever you like, don't use anything if you wish. I've benefited from having adblock over the years. But for nut's sake, don't do anything surreptitious NoScript--that was nonsense! Prevent ad blocking software from tanking your revenue by using foolproof adblock detection to deliver a targeted message to visitors. Did you know that over 616 million devices are blocking ads with AdBlock or similar software? Use of ad blockers increased 30% in the last year, and 11% of all web Use this free Adblock detection script to show an 'Adblock detected' message if visitors have an ad blocker installed. It does not make HTTP requests, but instead uses class names as a bait. Minimized JavaScript version available. hahiss writes "Apparently, NoScript has taken to adding its own whitelist updates to Adblock Plus — so that the ads on the NoScript page show up — without notifying users. (It is described on the NoScript addon page, however.) This was a part of the last update to NoScript. Wladimir P